New Year, New Home: The Best Renovation Projects To Tackle

With a new year often comes the desire to change things up.  For homeowners that usually means tackling home renovation projects, they’ve been putting off. Whether you want to do a full kitchen renovation or just spruce things up, there are several ways you can get started.  Not only that, many projects can easily become DIY with little research.

Renovation Projects

Photo via Pixabay by Edvaldocostacordeiro

The first step is to decide which projects you want to do first and work out a budget. Do some homework in regards to how much you can expect to spend and a timeline.  Is it something you can do yourself?  Or should you consult a pro?  Also, consider whether you may want to sell your home in the near future. There are many updates and upgrades that will add to the value of your home (and some that will detract from it).

Here are a few of the best renovation projects to take on this year.

The kitchen

One of the most interesting things about home renovation projects is that updating the kitchen and bathroom can instantly add value to your home and update it at the same time. Even if your home isn’t very old, there are many details in these rooms that can become dated pretty easily, such as cabinetry, countertops, and color choices. If you’re ready to take on a new kitchen, research pricing and do some comparison shopping. For some updates, it’s possible that you can do the work on your own, but big jobs such as replacing cabinets and countertops should probably be left to the pros. Just to give you an idea, the average price to remodel a kitchen in Cleveland is $10,152 – $22,090, with a project timeline of 4-5 weeks. For more info, read on here.

Start small

If those numbers sound overwhelming, that’s okay; start small instead. There are plenty of home renovation projects you can do yourself for less than $100 that will add to space or do double duty, such as installing a cutting board in the sink or adding storage to your most-used rooms. Read on here for more ideas.

Make changes to the outside, too

Your landscaping and entryway can say a lot about your house, and they provide relatively inexpensive and easy upgrade opportunities. Paint your door, update the lighting fixtures, and add a container garden to your front porch. Keep your landscaping simple but beautiful with easy-to-maintain shrubs and a few pops of color. Check out this article for more tips.

Rip up that carpeting

Not only can carpeting date your home, but it can also add to allergens by holding in pet dander and bacteria and can even cause health issues for your family. Consider tearing it up for a healthier alternative, such as hardwood or laminate flooring. Head to your local home improvement store to get a price quote; just remember to measure the space first.

Go green

One of the easiest ways to add charm and value to your home is to make it more eco-friendly. There are many ways to do this, varying in intensity and price, so do your research. You might consider adding solar panels to the roof, or simply recycling or repurposing an item to turn it into something more useful.

Taking on a new project around the house doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with a good plan, a solid budget, and some knowledge about what the project entails. Know when to step in and when to stand back and let a pro take over, which will ensure the project is done right and won’t come back to haunt you down the road.

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