Carpet Care

Carpet Care: It’s amazing how all carpet looks so good and fresh when first installed and one decade later can still look like it’s brand-new. Or it can look like it’s been the stomping grounds for a county fair! Here is some information to help maintain your carpeting.


Normal and proper cleaning may cost a bit more than overlooking carpeting, yet over time, the investment will save you a great deal of money. Vacuum carpet routinely using a high-quality vacuum.  Vacuuming is an integral part of prolonging the life of your carpeting.  When sand and soil get into the rug, these particles have sharp edges that cut into the carpet fibers when being walked on.  Over time you develop traffic areas that appear dirty.  However, it is not dirt but abrasion.  Abrasion damage is irreversible.  Keep in mind you can never vacuum too often.

Professional Carpet Care

Carpet manufacturers recommend professional cleaning once a year.  However, depending on usage, twice a year may be ideal.  There are different methods of professional cleaning:

  1. Steam cleaning.  This is a hot water extraction system where water is pushed into the carpet with a high level of PSI and extracted with great suction.
  2. Dry cleaning.  This is a method of shampooing with low dampness.
  3. Rent your own.  A rental steam cleaner may be a practical option.  In contrast to professional cleaning, it doesn’t utilize the same water pressure or extraction force.

In summary, if you invest time and money into your carpet you will save money over time.  Additionally, your home will be cleaner and healthier.

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