Carpet: Offering You Choices

If you are in the market for brand-new carpets make sure to have a look at what Akron Carpet has to provide. They have a unique advertising structure that brings wholesale pricing down to the customer with their licensed retailers.

Akron Carpet has one of the biggest retail networks in North America.   Akron Carpet offers you a large selection.


Tufted carpets are more common than woven. Carpet fibers are cut or looped through the carpet backing with the use of machinery.  A tufted carpet will wear well and is a sturdy choice.

Berber Carpeting.

Wool or olefin are the components of Berber carpets.  In addition, they have bulky loopholes either in a level loop or multi-degree loop. They are a very resilient and long-wearing carpets.  Therefore, they are exceptional for high-traffic areas.


Cut-heap Saxony provides a smooth cut stack with a solid color surface area.  It is very flexible in appearance as well as an outstanding option for standard or formal spaces.

Textured Saxony provides a cut stack surface area that is excellent at hiding footprints. It maintains a great informal appearance.  Additionally, it does not require much upkeep making it a popular choice for living rooms, rec rooms, or other high web traffic locations. It is often called a textured cut heap.

Frieze offers a texture knobby surface making it extremely durable. Consequently, it is one more terrific option for heavy traffic rooms. There are a lot of designs as well as shades to pick from.

Cut and Uncut Patterns

This type of carpet creates a really distinct appearance and comes in a multitude of colors. Cut and loophole give dimension to the surface area while a cut uncut pattern hides footprints. You can truly add some flair to a room with this sort of rug.

Multi-Level Loophole Rug

Rugs of this nature offer a selection of unique patterns, shades, as well as levels of loopholes.  You can create a very special informal look in a room. Perfect for high website traffic areas, and also it’s very long-lasting.

Level Loop Carpeting

These carpets have loops that are equal in height but multi-colored. It is typically made from olefin fiber.   We refer to it as industrial carpeting or interior/ outdoor rugs. It has a really informal look and is outstanding for areas where water or dampness may be a trouble. Installment is extremely easy and it’s a great finish to a cellar or family room.

Each of these kinds of carpet is readily available by the primary suppliers. Akron Carpet carries every one of these numerous brands.

The in-home carpeting pros will be happy to help you make a decision.  With so many choices it can be a challenging task.

Each carpeting manufacturer provides its own guarantee. You’ll need to ask your Akron Carpet Merchant regarding the service warranties. Bear in mind Akron Carpet offers you wholesale pricing at the retail level so if you are into saving lots of cash they are an excellent choice in carpet service providers.

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