Carpet Padding…What You Need to Know

You discover the perfect carpet.  It is just right but might be expensive.  Are you thinking of keeping the cost down by using your old Carpet Padding or new inexpensive padding?  Do not do this.  It is a decision you will regret almost immediately.  There are good reasons to invest in a good carpet padding.

Your old carpet padding will have broken down with age.  Check it and you will discover that it collapses in traffic areas.  Sometimes it has deteriorated so much so that there is little left.

Reasons for Investing in the Padding

  1. You will notice the cushion when you walk on the carpet.  Simply walking on carpet creates 100 lbs of pressure per inch on the rug.  Carpet padding supports and minimizes stress on the rug.  This makes the carpet feel better and have more spring.
  2. Carpeting with good padding also serves as a noise buffer.  It makes space quieter and warmer.
  3. Carpet padding also helps keep carpets cleaner.  As dirt makes its way through the carpet fibers it will act like sandpaper against a bare floor.  Padding helps keep the carpet elevated and off of the floor.
  4. The carpeting pad also aids keep your carpets cleaner. The dust that finds its way into your carpet will function its method to the fibers and also imitate sandpaper on the floor and also rug and reduce its life. The greater the thickness of the underpad or cushioning the more you will certainly prolong the life of the rug due to the fact that it elevates the carpet off the floor.
  5. Great carpet padding aids in decreasing what is known as pile crushing.  Pile crushing is the breakdown of carpet in high traffic areas.  Good padding reduces pile crushing by allowing a rug to maintain its pile height.  This preserves the life of the carpet as well.

Three Types of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is available in 3 basic kinds.  These are rubber, foam, or fiber.  The different types as well as densities determine where the carpeting is being placed.  Traffic patterns also help to identify what type of underlay you require.  Rooms with lighter traffic will be fine with a thinner variety pad.  Hallways, staircases, and living rooms require a stronger pad.

A.  Foam padding is made from polyurethane foam.  This is a stronger version of the foam in mattresses or car seats.

B.  Bonded foam is a recycled materials product.  It is easy to use and has enhanced efficiency.

C.  Waffled rubber and Sponge rubber are used for industrial applications.

D.  Fiber rug is using natural or man-made fibers.  Weaving these fibers into felt from pet hair and natural fibers is the oldest form of carpet padding.

Knowing the types of padding and their construction will help you choose the correct padding for your home or office.  Saving money by not purchasing the correct pad may cost you in the long run.

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