Hardwood Flooring: Treatments To Maintain Your Wood

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Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood is still the homeowner’s preferred option of floor covering and taking care of it takes marginal effort. Unlike laminate or crafted wood, wood can be redecorated sometimes. As well as will certainly include years of elegance and also warmth to your residence. Along with raising its value and speed its resale. Ongoing flooring treatment is needed to maintain your hardwood looking its best. Nonetheless, as well as there,  are 4 major facets of:

hardwood floor care

1. Hardwood floor cleaning

2. Hardwood flooring repair service

3. Hardwood floor refinishing

4. Wood flooring protection

Clean Your Hardwood Routinely

Recognizing how to clean hardwood floors is essential due to the fact that the bane of wood is dust as well as grit. Which will certainly scrape and also note the flooring if not gotten rid of quickly? Too, dirt is seen more easily on wood floors than it is on linoleum or on the rug, particularly in the sunlight as well as especially if the floor has a dark tarnish.

Wood floor care, for that reason, suggests sweeping and dusting on a regular basis. Once a week, a minimum of, and also after any kind of occasion that leaves dust as well as grit behind. Routine house dusting and cleaning up items will trigger damages, however, as well as you have to utilize just items specifically developed for wood.


Vacuuming is better to sweep since it allows the dirt as well as dust to be pulled from between the boards, yet utilize a vacuum cleaner with a bare floor attachment, other attachments can damage the wood.

When a more extensive cleaning is needed, make use of a cleaning method appropriate to the coating on your flooring. If your floor has a shiny finish, it implies that polyurethane, or a water-based urethane, or a comparable coating has actually been used to form a safety barrier over the wood. If it has a matte coating, it implies that the flooring is secured with a penetrating seal of oil and/or wax.

On neither of these coatings is water an appropriate cleaner. But both of them can accept a surface, damp-mop cleaning. Which suggests the wipe is not wet yet only damp to the touch. You are cleaning only the surface area as well as not utilizing adequate water to penetrate even the oiled-and-waxed hardwood.

When making use of a wet mop on oil as well as waxed wood. You can include a little neutral hardwood floor cleaner to the water prior to dipping the wipe into it. Flooring with a safety glossy obstacle can accept a common wood flooring cleaner giving it doesn’t contain any type of wax or oil.

Wood Flooring

The don’ts are every bit as crucial as the do’s in wood flooring treatment;

1. Don’t use ammonia, routine floor cleaners, house cleaners, or dusting products on wood.

2. Never ever use wax on flooring with urethane or various other shiny coatings.

3. Never ever wash wood; use just a slightly damp mop.

Fixing Any Kind Of Damages to Your Floorings as Soon as Possible

For the most part, when your oil and also waxed hardwood floors have endured surface damage, you have to remove the finish with a wax or oil stripper prior to dealing with the damage. After finishing the repair, you then re-wax or re-oil the area.

Surface area damages happen much less typically on hardwood safeguarded by polyurethane. Or a similar type of sealer. And also when it does, the damage is not as apparent. When fixing floorings with such coatings, strip the finish from the entire board or boards where the damage has occurred. Make your repair services and after that apply a completing item to those boards that are consistent with the rest of the flooring.

1. Watermarks: Eliminate the safety finish, massage the marks with fine grade steel wool. Repeat if needed, tidy, and after that redecorate.

2. Shed marks: Gently sand the area, use a moist fabric to get the grit, and afterward redecorate as preferred.

3. Scratches and cuts: Conceal superficial scrapes with matching wood putty or a putty stick. After the location is completely dry, sand and also redecorate.

Refinishing Your Worn Hardwood Floors Will Recapture Their Initial Elegance and Value

In a home with shabby hardwood floors, the largest enhancement you can make is to redecorate the floorings. Begin by making any type of required repairs. And after that removing all the furnishings and also drapes and sealing the vents and registers in the area so that you won’t spread out dust throughout the house. Sanding floors is easiest to do with a drum sander and a bordering device for the sides and also corners of the space.

You can rent these machines, and also it is a great suggestion to lease a buffer or floor brush at the very same time. Plan to make 3 passes with your sanding equipment, using progressively better sandpaper each time. Vacuum meticulously and also pick up all fine dust as well as grit with tacking cloths. All dirt and also dirt have to be gotten rid of. You can now apply a discolor if you want or you can leave the natural color and design of the timber – such as the preferred oak, maple, or cherry – to be displayed.

Polish as well as clean the dust as well as dirt from the flooring once more. And after that use your sealant – a polyurethane or a water-based urethane that offers a protective barrier, or oil and wax, which permeates the wood and also protects from within. Carefully review all the information going along with each product, comply with the security guidance. And also apply as numerous coats of discolor or sealer as suggested by the supplier of the products you are utilizing.

Hardwood Flooring Care Method Giving Ongoing Flooring Protection

As well as regular cleaning, and fixing and also refinishing when necessary, there are a variety of safety procedures you can take to preserve the elegance of your wood:

1. Usage rug as well as mats in high web traffic locations and websites of constant spills (e.g., before the range, sink, and refrigerator). Relocate these carpets often so that these areas of the flooring stay the same color as the subjected floor. Also, it is best to pick cotton mats as they do not trap water under them as rubber or plastic might.

2. Maintain high-heeled footwear in great fixing and also prevent making use of spike heels.

3. Maintain nails cut on pet dogs.

4. Clean up spills instantly with a paper towel or dry cloth. A wet cloth can be used for sticky spills, yet completely dry the area promptly later with one more towel or cloth.

5. Raise as opposed to dragging furnishings when relocating as well as use really felt contacts under furniture legs to prevent scratches as well as cuts.

6. Usage sheers or callous secure your floorings from the discoloration triggered by straight sunlight rays.

With appropriate treatment and maintenance, your hardwood floors will retain their beauty and improve any type of decor that you select. When your floors end up being worn, or if they come to be harmed, they can be restored to their former magnificence with a little time, initiative, and money.


Make use of the Internet to take a look at top quality products, check out the info on just how to use them, contrast costs, as well as place your orders. We can aid with all your wood flooring treatment requires – every little thing from discount hardwood flooring to hardwood cleansers – as well as all items can be bought online and supplied to your door. Allow us to help you maintain your wood floors looking their ideal.

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