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Carpet Products

Flooring Products: The Akron Carpet Store has been offering its flooring services for many years in Ohio and its surroundings. We are providing the right solution to your flooring problems and our services are proving their worth by adding aesthetic value to your homes and offices, also acknowledged by the clients.

A large variety of stunning floors are available in our store so you may choose a floor as per your requirements. Quality and durability are the basic traits of Akron Carpet Store while keeping into consideration the buying capacity of our clients.

No other carpet stores offer you such high-quality products at such reasonable rates.  In addition, we bring innovation and style in your home and get suggestions from our experts to figure out the right option for your home that matches well with your home’s interior and weather.

Flooring Products


Add style and comfort to your home with the highest quality and versatile Akron carpets installed by our professionals. We have a variety of carpets available in different colors and designs. Our carpeting service ranges from residential to official use and from loops to plashes. They are comfortable to walk on and help you in maintaining your home’s temperature because of insulator behavior.

Carpet flooring also creates a convenient and peaceful environment. Proper maintenance is necessary for the best results and to prevent health issues associated with carpet flooring. Nylon and triexa textures are best for families with kids and pets while our durable carpets last at least 8-10 years. Type carpet stores near me and find us online.

Things to Consider:
  • Choose a carpet that matches well your home interior
  • Keep room size and quantity of foot traffic in mind
  • Carpets aren’t good for rainy areas or select an allergy repellent type
  • Consider the maintenance and frequency of cleaning
  • Moisture soaking capability of the carpet

Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is extremely appealing and gives a classic impact to your home. Get warmth, beauty, and class simultaneously by choosing hardwood flooring. We follow the highest quality standards to ensure the delivery of the best and durable product to our customers.

The hardwood of real trees like ash, bamboo, birch, oak, and walnut are used in the manufacturing of the hardwood flooring while we also import exotic wood from other countries. The surface of our hardwood floors is sealed with polyurethane, polyacrylic or urethane in order to minimize the water and moisture damage.

Apart from the types, there are several enchanting colors in which you can choose your polish color as well. The variety of finishes are handcrafted textures will definitely leave a long-lasting impact and you most certainly would love to buy it.

Things to Consider:
  • Wood flooring responds to weather conditions
  • Expands or contracts according to warm or cold
  • A luxurious and prized flooring option
  • Check patterns and wood type
  • Choose hardwood for the prevention of dents and scratches

Other Flooring Products

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is the best alternative of hardwood flooring. It gives a wooden texture and a combination of different types of natural and synthetic materials. A protective layer is placed on the combination of wood-based and synthetic products. The high-tech aluminum coating keeps it safe from the effects of weather, stains, and scratches. It is durable and requires less maintenance.

Laminate floorings are excellent for high traffic while they pose minimum health issues. The artistic designs are embossed on a high-density wooden core which makes the wooden sheets look and feel durable and attractive. Which of course they are! Laminate is a perfect choice for studio apartments

Things to Consider:
  • They produce a sound while walking on
  • Excessive water and moisture easily damage the surface
  • Low thermal insulation properties
  • Susceptible to damage from pet’s urine and spills
  • A highly affordable way to get wood flooring

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is the best option when you want a variety of designs and colors. Akron Carpet Store has a big range of ceramic and stone tiles which are highly durable and offer the ultimate visual appeal. Timeless and endless design possibilities prove it a great option for high traffic while the hard surface requires the least maintenance. However, it’s difficult to repair and stone needs to be sealed.

Unlike the carpet and wooden flooring, tile flooring has no moisture risks and you can use it without getting worried about pest attacks. Travertine, slate, marble, ceramic tiles,  granite, and limestone are some stunning and long-lasting flooring options to bring innovation in your home.

Things to Consider:
  • Hard and more chances of injury
  • The glossy and shiny surface also possess slippery behavior
  • Cold in winter and warm in summer
  • High cost and difficult installation
  • Minimum maintenance

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl has revolutionized the entire interior decoration paradigm. It has become one of the most sought after and widely used alternatives for ceramic and wood flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles have the tendency to last longer than expected and the attractive visuals are used to catch the gaze of on-lookers.

You can use vinyl on the floor and on walls as well. Vinyl tiles tend to be more attractive looking than marble flooring and can easily be installed and repaired if broken. For floors, the types of vinyl you can choose at Akron Carpets are of many sizes, shapes, and colors. The stony look and carved vinyl tiles are mostly used to cover the porch area of your home while you can use it in decorating your kitchen walls as well.

For kitchen decoration, we have plenty of designs with 3D fruits and vegetables embossed on them. You don’t have to worry about the normal daily wear and tear of the vinyl tile flooring because it is made to endure the routine pressure.   Another best use we have found is that of using the vinyl tiles for your washroom decoration. People nowadays are choosing the color combination identical to their fittings installed in washrooms.

Things to Consider:
  • Moisture resistant and highly durable
  • Easy to install and comfortable to walk
  • Inexpensive and long-lasting
  • Available in different designs and colors
  • Classic appearance and awe-inspiring designs

Be the Best, Buy the Best Flooring Products:

Finally, a huge variety of carpets and tiles are on display this season. We hope most certainly you don’t like to miss a softly sewn rag or a beautifully crafted carpet for your room’s décor. Thinking will lead you to nowhere. Visit us at once and receive the best expert advice from us.