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Akron Carpet

Akron Carpet: Nowadays, there are several great ideas being used to ornate the floors of houses irrespective of being big or small. Leading from carpets to wood flooring. And from laminate flooring to ceramic flooring, the Akron Carpets are dealing in almost every type of flooring material. We are proud distributors of flooring materials across Ohio and we stand by what we claim.

Customers think of buying a flooring material, to be a job done a hundred percent. However, this is not the case. If you have bought the right product but you haven’t spent a few more bucks on a credible the product installation, your money, time and energy everything you invested in buying the product is in-vain. Akron Carpets have solved this issue for you once and for all. We are providing the best installation services one could ever hire in the whole town.

Carpet Installation:

The first and foremost, and definitely the most sought-after installment requests are received for the carpets. No matter how expensive your carpet may be, its beauty is worthless if not installed properly. You will witness spots and bloats starting to appear over the carpet. This is due to uneven cleaning resulted due to the uneven surface of the floor. The Akron Carpet stores across Ohio are not offering any services regarding installation. So, why waste your money and time wandering about? Come to us make yourself comfortable.

Process of Installation:

  • First of all, our diligent workers pack up the carpet from the store. And accompany you to your home where it is laid down properly on the floor. It must be kept in mind that many quacks out there rest your expensive carpets with a wall and it causes them to bend over permanently. This is not how we do it.
  • Secondly, our trained workers check your room’s floor from every angle and from every corner. And if any corner of your room is uneven, they are well-equipped with such tools which aid in leveling your floor. After that, the carpet is unpacked and laid down right from the middle it is unrolled and there you go, a carpet well installed.

Akron Carpet Flooring and Tile Installation:

We have almost every type of flooring at your disposal. Talking about flooring and not mentioning the amazing and beautiful vinyl flooring would be sheer injustice. Our collection of hardwood flooring styles and ceramic tile is also worth watching and buying at first sight. Once again the matter of installation befalls like a rumble of thunder on the buyer when he is left devastated at the sight of unevenly installed tile at his home.

To cope up with the matter of unevenly installed tile, we have started to deliver our own installation services to our esteemed clients.

Since there are many types of flooring available with us, the underlying principle of installation is similar. You don’t need to go door to door worrying about the workers. And settling for the charges of installation if you just come to us and state your issue directly. Amongst the type of tile flooring installations, we are offering. The installation of vinyl tile is one hell of a task in which our workers have to straighten up the wall first.

Process of Installation:

  • The clients always seem to be hesitant when it comes to the installation process and this is what ruins the entire grandeur of an expensive carpet or hardwood planks. For hardwood flooring, our experienced workers take due care about the floor. Then they check out each and every single piece of the flooring material provided to them by us.
  • Soon after they have checked every piece, they draw up a parameter using a thick thread which is used contains every hardwood piece and the ceramic tile piece placed properly. Same is the case with the laminate flooring which is considered to be one of the most worth-caring flooring materials of all.
  • After the tiles have been placed properly without gluing, they are pressed with mallets to see how far they can be pressed and if there is any rut in a specific area, it is identified at once and removed. Customers are often concerned as to how do we remove ruts? Find out in the next bullet point.


  • Our trained workers remove ruts using a special kind of drill with a sharp running blade attached to its ends. We run the drill with full force. Which not only cuts away the ruts but also level up the floor afterward. The same drill is used to straighten out any defected piece. Which is indeed one in a thousand but it is not left unattended.
  • After leveling up the floor and proper settlement of all the tiles, our workers start from four ends and pick up every tile or a plank, apply the glue and then paste it on the floor. The workers don’t leave the glue to be cleaned afterward. They clean it right away after the application of every individual tile.
  • The tool used for instant cleaning is an acidic liquid soaked in rough cloth. And a scalped is also used in the cleaning process. In order to check as to whether the wood flooring or the tile flooring has been properly installed or not, the customer is called for in front of whom, we check the level of the floor using a piece of high-end equipment which confirms our prowess.

Get a Vibrant and Drizzling Home with Akron Carpet

If you visit our store just for once, we bet you will become our customer for life. We strive for perfection. And we tend to create a legacy and a monopoly in town as well. And we are looking forward to offering you a wide-armed welcome on your every arrival. Get your carpets and flooring installed from us, and get ready to walk on a smooth, beautiful and an evenly installed floor of your home.