Flooring Services

Flooring Services

Remove/Dispose of Existing Flooring:

Flooring Services: Removing the existing flooring is no more difficult when you hire Akron experts for this task. We follow a way which is less damaging and keep the other things safe. Our staff has years of experience in the field and they are well aware of the effectiveness of different techniques. Circumstances, weather conditions, and time are the main factors which impact on the work and the technique to be chosen. Before starting the project, our team inspects the area and takes drastic measures to ensure the safety of the residents and their belongings.

Carpet Flooring Services

Carpet flooring is not as easy to detach as it seems because the professional carpet installation strictly placed and difficult to remove. Our experts use optimal tools like locking Piller, dusk mask, safety glasses, and utility knife to remove an old carpet. Corners of the room and top of the stairs are the best places to pull off the carpet rather cutting it from the center. Carpet is sliced into pieces and removed from the floor without leaving any damage.

Hardwood Flooring Services

Wood flooring is time-consuming and difficult to uninstall due to its strength and durability. However, you can save time by hiring professionals and the right people for this task. Our staff is highly skilled and certified in removing existing wood flooring and know well how to get the maximum benefit from a tool. The wood flooring removal process is based on the three steps as following:

  • A circular saw with a carbide-tooth blade is used to tear off the wood boards
  • Lift the wooden boards with the help of pry bar
  • Use large locking pliers to remove nails and sharp wooden bars

Laminate Flooring Services

There is the misconception that planks are glued to the floor in laminated flooring but the planks are glued together is actual. The issue arises when the adhesive material seeped down beneath the floor and damage from beneath. To overcome this issue, Akron experts melt the glue before prying the planks up or use a motorized floor stripper to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Use a skill saw to cut down the large planks of laminated flooring
  • Chisel and mallet are best for tapping the underneath edges
  • Remove the plans manually

Vinyl Flooring Services

Removal of asbestos is the main task of vinyl flooring removal. Our experts start off work from the identification of asbestos which is naturally occurring mineral and causes microscopic dust. Special safety clothing and breathing respirators are required prevent possible health issues. Drilling, sawing, and a putty knife is used to remove old adhesives.  Keep the doors and windows open to let the dust out of the place.

Tile Flooring Services

Tile flooring is a noisy and messy task. The policy of Akron Carpets bounds its workers to wear full sleeves, helmet, gloves, wraparound protection, and knee pads to protect their body from the flying debris. Sledgehammer, electric demolition chipping hammer, and power scraper are used to demolish the hard tile flooring. Professionalism and intelligent work are the secrets of no damage during a hectic task.

Move Furniture:

The Akron Carpets are offering the best, economical and most convenient way to move the furniture from one place to another.  Our well-trained moving staff knows the worth of your furniture and takes utmost care while moving your belongings. Un-installation of carpet is also one of the most challenging tasks which are not undertaken willfully by other companies.

Here are Akron Carpets we are providing apt moving services under affordable rates. It should not be thought of as a one-time task. However, it can be a one-time task if it is done properly and certain methodologies are employed to lessen the burden of multiple attempts. We take orders at least one week prior to the date of moving. After the request has been approved, we dispatch a survey team to the customer’s house in order to get a detailed view of the location. Soon after the survey team fills us in, we move towards the next step of moving furniture.

First of all, we move all the appliances because if they are given second priority, the chance of them being hit while moving the furniture first is increased. That’s why we move the furniture at the very last step when we are properly sure that nothing wrong is going to happen to it. For our clients, there are a few points we need them to understand and remain prepare prior to our team enters the house.

Points to Ponder:

  • Clean your house properly.
  • Pack up all your belongings and costly gadgets.
  • Empty the drawers of furniture.
  • Label them using scotch tape.

Flooring Services and Product Installation:

Product installation is quite a challenging task. There are several quacks in the market to be found who claim their work to be the best. In truth, they know nothing except the trickeries to empty your coffers. The carpet stores out there are just meant for selling carpets and nothing more. We, at Akron Carpets, not only just offer you the best quality products, but also the expert workers who know their job to the fullest. Let’s discuss the product installation services which we are offering so far:

  • For hardwood flooring and wood flooring, we have the best workers who are adept in perfectly cutting the pieces and then joining them via glue in a proper fashion. Our workers are well aware of the dimensions of the pieces to be installed on the floor. Especially with the ceramic tile and vinyl flooring, the workers don’t even think of proceeding to the next step prior without leveling and properly cutting the pieces in equal proportions.

Similarly, keeping into consideration the carpet prices and their unique designs which everyone adores, our workers don’t use rough methods to install them.

  • For tile flooring installation, the workers are primarily trained to level the ground and to remove the ruts of any kind. These ruts are a major hindrance in carpet installation and even more of an obstacle in laments installation. After removal of ruts, the carpets and vinyl tiles are installed properly and every inch is an epitome of perfection.

Get Professional Akron Flooring Services

The Akron Carpet is your place to visit at least once in every season. Not only will it quench your thirst of carpet designs, but also offer you the best deals in wood flooring and tiles. Above all, our top-notch installation and moving services are second to none. Our services are guaranteed, economical and impeccable. Visit us without further ado and leave the rest to us.