Types of Carpet and Applications

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carpetsCarpets are good flooring materials. These pieces of floor covering can be used for several purposes. Ranging from covering, decorations and other special religious functions. These carpets come in different sizes, designs, and shapes. Which makes them unique and easy to use.

A careful look at the carpet stores scattered around town has revealed different types of carpets that have been utilized or channeled into several uses and applications. We are well aware of how hard it can be to purchase the best type of carpets to serve your purpose. The latter part of this article will be dedicated to giving you a detailed description of the different types and applications of carpeting systems at home.

Types of Carpet

The type of carpet fibers goes a long way in not just determining the height or texture of a carpet but also its softness. The manner in which the pile is woven determines whether or not the carpet can serve its purpose. There are several types of markets available in the market. And for the purpose of this article; we shall focus our strength on the following types of carpets.

Textured carpets

These are by far the most popular of all types of carpeting systems. Perhaps due to its high level of durability to price ratio. These textured carpeting can be very soft. Additionally, they are not usually as dense as the more high-end types. Even though they have a tight construction to resist dirt. These types of carpets are mostly used in areas where the need to do a complete cleaning will not be too much.

Frieze carpet

These are shorter forms of carpeting. These fibers can make it an ideal carpet for commercial areas. These carpets are used in cases or situations where the need for frequent routine cleaning.

Saxony carpet:

Frequently referred to as “plush” Saxony carpets feature a smooth and dense appearance that is better suited for formal and luxury settings.

  • Loop pile carpets

A loop pile is highly durable and can start the test of time. They are water and moisture resistant. Loop pile carpets come in different categories such as;

  1. Berber: When it comes to longevity, stain-resistance and longevity are concerned. They vary in sizes and gives your house a unique look and it combines style with performance.
  2. Level Loop: Level top carpets are best suited for regions with a high level of traffic. This type of carpet is easy to maintain but may not be as soft as other carpets.


Since it is now an established fact that there are different types of carpets in the market, we strongly believe making the best choice can be a thing of challenge. Kindly read our article on “choosing carpeting that fits” for a detailed description of the factors to consider before purchasing a carpet. Kindly contact us if you have any questions about the subject matter, we will love to hear from you.

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